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Evaporative Storage System

The internal air changes three to four times per hour to eliminate condensation and rust from accumulating and causing damage


The CarCapsule is a durable 1mm Polymerized Vinyl skin that prevents accidental damage and keeps your vehicle safe


Easy 10-minute setup - simply drive over the base, zip up the cover and watch it inflate to protect your vehicle

Welcome to Autonovus, distributors of CarCapsule™ in Australia

CarCapsule™ are manufactures of the Original Car Bubble™ and have been protecting vehicles for over 20 years.

Autonovus & CarCapsule™ are committed to providing you with a quality product that provides protection, style, and peace of mind for all cars, bikes, caravans, watercraft and SUVs.

About Us

Autonovus are the original suppliers of Car Capsules in Australia. We offer the ultimate in vehicle protection for motor vehicle enthusiasts.


12-Foot Indoor CarCapsule
Prices start from $895

14-Foot Outdoor Car Capsule
Prices start from $1,545

8-Foot Indoor Bike Capsule
Prices start from $595 

9-Foor Outdoor Bike Capsule
Prices start from $1,095

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"I was tired of the temperature swings creating condensation on the car that soaked it several times a year, especially under the hood, when the car sat in the garage. The concrete floor also caused more rust on the underbody, and white deposits on my carbs. I was also tired of having to check for mice all winter – they can be very destructive when they get hungry! My Car Capsule solved all that." - Rysaro 

"My Outdoor Bike ShowCase was easy and fast to set up, and it’s an excellent alternative if you don’t have a garage. Thanks again!" - Dale 

"I use my CarCapsule to preserve my CJ428, Ram Air, 4 speed Cougar Eliminator. When I take the Cougar out of the CarCapsule it adds a whole new meaning to “letting the cat out of the bag”. It always comes out fresh and well preserved."- Al

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Watch this video and find out how easy it is to use Autonovus Car Capsules.

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